Sodium Bromide For Oil Drilling

Sodium Bromide Supplier

With an aspire to satisfy the needs of the customers, Yogi Intermediates is engaged in offering a wide range of Sodium Bromide for Oil Drilling Industry. This offered solution is an inorganic chemical, which is a combination of one mole of sodium and one mole of bromine. Soidum Bromide is a compound which is highly appreciated for their different attributes such as purity, harmless and effective. Even these manufactured sodium bromide for Oil drilling industry is used to prepare dense fluids and it is single salt clear brine fluid. It is accessible in 40% to 46% concentration. Because of its density, sodium bromide is used as a completion, work-over and packer fluid in oilfield applications. Our products are chiefly demanded in the Gulf countries including KuwaitBahrain, Oman, Qatar UAE, and Saudi Arabia.