Cetrimide Powder Solution Manufacturer

Cetrimide Powder Solution in Gujarat

Yogi Intermediate – Recognized and most demanded brand in the chemical industry for manufacturing and supplying wide range of diverse Chemicals. We are leading and foremost firm well-known as Cetrimide Powder Solution Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat . Cetrimide Solution is an antiseptic liquid which is used for the production of different products which is applied to the living tissues or skin to treat the burns or infection, rash. These powder solution is an antiseptic and disinfectant used topically for the wound cleansing and to treat the skin disorders caused by burn, infection in cuts, small wounds, grazes, nappy rash and chapped hands.

Cetrimide Powder Solution is a mixture of three quaternary ammonium compounds such as tetradonium bromide (TTAB or MITMAB), cetrimonium bromide (CTAB), and laurtrimonium bromide (DTAB or LTAB). These solution is used by diluting it in ethanol or in isopropanol alcohol. For cleansing and disinfecting of wounds, abrasions, burns, insects stings 0.5-1% is diluted and for the preparation of the operation site it is used 0.5-1% dilution in 70% ethanol or in 50% isopropanol alcohol. Cetrimide Powder is used in veterinary and animal health industry as germicide. Cetrimide Powder is effective against bacteria and fungi. Cetrimide Powder may also use as sanitizer and preservative.

Uses of Cetrimide Powder Solution

  • Used as disinfectant at various places.
  • An effective antiseptic agent against bacteria and fungi.
  • Used in the combination of Chlorhexidine Gluconate which is very effective in cleaning surgical instruments.
  • Works as antimicrobial, Antimicrobic, Cationic detergent, Disinfectant, Germicide etc.
  • Used as preservative.
  • Used in manufacturing enzymes.