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Sodium Bromide Powder
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We intent to be technologically ahead and incorporate the best methodology in our production process to keep our promise with our customers to offer the best quality products with a very high purity level.

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We are dogged to provide our national as well as international customers with the best quality chemical compounds that are very consistent so as to back their progress while progressing along with them.



We are one of the prominent Sodium bromide manufacturers in India. Our Sodium bromide is made from the finest quality raw-material obtained from the most reliable source in the market. They are made with the help of the latest technology under the guidance of well-experienced professionals. This is an inorganic compound with an appearance of white, crystalline powder. Our product has a very high demand in the industries due to their accurate composition and high purity level. They are packed perfectly to preserve their properties and prevent any contamination.

Once made, our sodium bromide powder is tested for their composition and purity, Ph etc by our quality control department. Hence our product is very effective and has a very wide utility. We are the leading sodium bromide supplier in India and offer them at very affordable prices.

Our products are chiefly demanded in the Gulf countries including Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Sodium Bromide Formula
Molecular Formula : NaBr

Sodium Bromide Powder Manufacturer Sodium Bromide Powder In India Sodium Bromide
Product Name Sodium Bromide Powder
CAS No. 7647-15-6
Mol. Wt. 102.89
Mol. Formula NaBr
Appearance White Free Flowing Powder
Purity by NV 99% MIN.
Chloride Content 0.5% MAX.
Sulphate Content 0.2% MAX.
Ph 6.5 to 7.5
Solubility Soluble In Water
Packing 25 kg Net in Hdpe Bags With Liner Inside

Applications :

  • As anticonvulsant
  • As excellent sedative
  • As disinfectant in swimming pools along with chlorine
  • For making dense fluids employed in the oil wells
  • For the preparation of photographic emulsion
  • As water treatment chemical
  • As a chemical agent in chemical industries
  • As Disinfectants
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